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Healthy Tips from Ms. Mey, your School Nurse

Hi everyone, I have put together some Healthy tips for you with activities for these next weeks until you return to school. I hope you enjoy them, learn new healthy ideas and be well. I will see you soon. Please email me with any questions at [email protected]

  1. Did you know? Washing Hands washes Germs away.
* Wash your hands with soap & water (don't forget between your fingers and the top of your hands).
Germs are on tables, on the floor, in the air - everywhere. Some even live on your skin. But your skin helps keep you
from getting sick from germs by blocking them from getting in your body.
What could happen if we didn't have our wonderful skin?
Let's find out by watching these two apples.
The first apple has a shiny skin protecting the soft inside part of the apple.
But if you peel the skin off of the other apple - see what happens over the next few/couple of days.
You can take a picture of the apples in 2 -3 days, send this to your teacher to share

Video: Sid the Science Kid PBS Kids: The Journey of a Germ | Sid the Science Kid Videos | PBS KIDS

Poster: Handwashing Handwashing: Keeping Your Family Healthy

2. Did you know? You should wash your hands for20 seconds or more.. Sing the Happy Birthday song while you are washing your hands.. If there is no soap and water for you to wash your hands, ask if you can use hand sanitizer. Please do not touch your face and cough or sneeze into your elbow/arm or shoulder. Be a healthy hand washer. Do you know how to wash your hands?

Watch this Video: Handwashing: A Family Activity | Handwashing

3. Did you know?When you cough or sneeze, droplets from your mouth or nose can spread up to 6 feet!
To help stop the spread of germs:

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  • Put your used tissue in a waste basket.
  • If you don't have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve,not your hands.

Video: Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes - Kids (:18) | CDC-TV

4. Did you know? Breakfast fills your "empty tank" (stomach) to get you going after a long night of sleeping. Drinking water throughout the entire day, not just at meal times keeps you healthy.What do you eat for breakfast? Make a list of the different foods you eat for breakfast. You can ask for help to write down or draw all the breakfast foods you like. Do you like fruits , cereal, juice, milk or something else?
Worksheet: Handout: Breakfast (PreK to Grade 2)

5. Did you know?Daily activity and healthy eating go together to be healthy.Regular physical activity is important for your health.. At least 60 minutes of activity every day is best for you to grow. Running, jumping, swimming, biking, dancing, or any other fun activity you like are good to keep you healthy.

Fun ideas: be a fit kid

6. Did you know?Drinking water after you wake up is good for your body. Water will wake you up, you won't feel tired. You will have lots of energy to play & run.Drink a large cool glass of water each morning and throughout the day to be healthy. Healthy drinks to choose are water and milk. Will you drink water each day?

PBS Game: FETCH! . Games. Water We Doing? | PBS KIDS GO!

7. Did you know? Snacking between meals gives us energy, helps you think and have more fun at play. Do not snack close to lunch or dinner so you will be hungry - a small snack is good.
Do you know what healthy snack foods there are to choose?
*Choose Healthy snacks to like fruits, vegetables, cheese sticks or peanut butter, whole grains, and low-fat or skim dairy products (yogurt, milk).
Look at the GO SLOW WHOA Chart for healthy snacks.
Stay healthy....Eat Smart Chart: :stay healthy – eat smart!
Fun Activity: Go, Slow, and Whoa! Flashcards

8. Did you know? Eating healthy food at lunch and dinner keeps you healthy and ready to learn and play. Fill your plate with brightly colored foods will keep you healthy, especially foods that are growing at local farms and are in season. Choose red (apples), blue and purple (eggplant and grapes), green (beans), yellow and orange (carrots and squash), and white (cauliflower). Try these foods if you can

Talking my Plate Game: Talking My Plate

9. Did you know? Sleep is very important for you to be healthy. Getting enough sleep helps you think and play better. You need to sleep for nine (9) to 11 hours to be rested and ready to learn..
How many hours do you sleep? What time do you go to sleep?

Importance of Sleep games & puzzles: Puzzles and Games

Going outsideto walk and play is healthy for you.
Going outdoors is fun and keeps you happy. Playing, walking, ball playing whatever you like to do for 60 minutes a day will help you sleep and feel better. What will you do outside today?
Walking game: Explorers Take A Walk!

10. Did you know?Taking a break fromyour tablet, computer, TV will make you feel betterand more awake to learn & play.Take a break and do an activity to see how it feels without looking at a screen. Going outside, playing inside, looking at books are all great ways to take a break.
What will you do today when you take a break?
Maze worksheet: MyPlate Maze

11. Did you know? Brushing your teeth twice a day keeps your teeth clean & healthy. Your mouth helps you talk with your friends, chew your foods, and sing along to tunes! Using a mirror, take a look inside your mouth. Can you see your gums, your Brushing and flossing are great ways to take care of your teeth, but what else can you do? You can avoid eating sugary foods. Sugar can hurt your teeth, causing tooth decay and cavities.
Can you make a drawingthat shows foods that keep your teeth healthy, like fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods that can hurt your teeth, like sugary drinks and candy? Remember to Smile, will make you feel good and makes your your body feel good. Smiling will help you have more fun playing and do your work better. Who will you smile with today?

Tooth Defender Video: Video: Meet the Tooth Defenders!

12. Did you know? Taking a Laughter Recessmakes us feel happy and can keep us healthy.Ask someone if they would like to take a laughter recess today with you.
Laughter: Kids' Health - Topics - Laughter: it's good for you

Knock, knock. Who's there? Stan Stan who? Stan back, I'm going to sneeze!

13. Did you know? Listening to musicwill make us feel happy, can make us smarter and help us to feel better to play. Dancing to music also will make us healthy and happy.
Take a break to listen to music for a few minutes during your day - you will want to do your work and play more.

Music games: Music Games

14. Did you know? Cleaning your roomand backpack helps you to think better.When you have a clean space,you will have more room to do what you want to do - play, read, work on your tablet/computer. Ask if you can help with chores. Doing chores is doing something active which is healthy for you.

Video: Sydney's Chores PBS Kids:

15. Did you know?Coloring or Drawingisa great way to relax and feel happy to stay healthy. When you color, you will think and slow down to have fun. Coloring and drawing are fun to do inside or outside.

Color game: Online Food Coloring Pages for Kids- Fun Virtual Healthy Food Pictures for Coloring, Online Nutrition Coloring Activity Ga